02 August 2007

Wilhelma Zoo

Infiltrating Heron

This is my first blog post since my move from F****r to Ipernity. Hopefully it all works out OK. Ipernity is pretty nice - it does the essential photo hosting that the former photo site did, but it also allows other media - video, music, whatever. The sharing via groups feature is missing, but supposedly coming soon. I'm happy, except there are a couple bugs and interface quirks (mostly relating to geotagging), but overall I am satisfied.

Tiger Cubs

Last weekend we went to the Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart. I took so many pictures, I filled all of my memory cards (5 & 1/8 GB is only ~320 pictures since I am shooting RAW) before we even finished seeing everything. Part of the problem was the baby sumatran tigers. They were just so cute & playful, we spent a long time watching them and I burned 25% of my photo capacity just on them. Not that it wasn't worth it!

Sumatran Tiger Family

Here are a few more shots from the zoo.



Mama Tiger

Monkey Family

Laughing Polar Bear

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At Thursday, 02 August, 2007 , Anonymous Steven said...

Good stuff. I'd be happy to see more of the tigers...

At Friday, 03 August, 2007 , Anonymous naomi said...

whoa, great pics! I don't blame you for burning so much on the tigers; those are really really great shots!


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