22 December 2007

Greatest Town Name. Ever.

No More Fucking

Yeah, the town is Fucking, Austria. We think that we should open a hotel there and call it the "Fucking Hotel". And maybe a bar attached - "The Fucking Pub".

It puts this one in 2nd place:

Where Wankers Come From

Conversations must be interesting in nearby towns. I can just imagine someone saying: "I'm going to Wank with my friends tonight."

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At Saturday, 22 December, 2007 , Anonymous Steven said...

To me, this sort of thing is the best argument for space exploration. If we can establish human colonies on other planets and asteroids, then we'll eventually have bzillions of them thriving all over the universe. Eventually, the isolated evolution of separate language lines will lead to a situation where two colonies establish first contact with one another, and one will have a language that shares many of the word-sounds of the other, but with completely different meanings. Hopefully there's some sort of video crew there to record the hilarious happenings thereafter.


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