11 November 2004

€1.00 = $1.30

One Euro is now equal to 1.3 dollars. Ouch!

That means every €100.00 I pull out of the ATM from a bank in the US withdraws $130.00 from my account. There are money changing fees as well, so the rate is actually a bit higher.

Luckily, starting Nov. 1st, I am being paid in Euros.
Unluckily, I don't get that first paycheck until November 30th. Which
Unluckily, I have to live off of dollars converted to Euros until then.
Luckily, my pay was negoitated based on the exchange rate several months ago, which was closer to €1.00 = $1.20.
Unluckily, that's still not a great exchange rate.

To end this looking on the bright side (despite more "unluckilys"), if you
look at the value in dollars only, I got an 8% pay raise.


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