12 December 2004

Bad Wimpfen Weihnachtsmarkt

Bad Wimpfen Weihnachtsmarkt
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This is a small portion of the huge and "old world" Christmas Market in Bad Wimpfen, a cute little town just up the river from Heilbronn.

St. Nick and his "helper"
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Saint Nick and his young, sexy blonde "helper" were handing out treats to children. Immediately after I took this picture, the kid said something that translates roughly as "I got an ... apple" in kind of a Charlie Brown voice. I also like Santa's armed guards.

Smoked Salmon
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This year's Christmas Market in Bad Wimpfen had something to do with Finland, and in the Finnish section of the market, they were smoking salmon. And by smoking, I mean that they were treating & preserving the meat with smoke, not rolling it up and inhaling salmon fumes. Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool, and I wonder how they keep the pegs from burning off.


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