29 June 2006

I'm Published

Most of my photographs that I put on Flickr are licensed with a creative commons license. There is an electronic travel guide maker that has selected some of my pictures to be in their Cologne and Munich guidebooks. I find the photos they selected are interesting, since I don't consider any of them my best work, and the photos in the Munich guidebook aren't even from Munich - quite far away, actually.

Unfortunately, the reader for these e-books works only with Windows, so Linux and Mac people can't see them yet (myself included) - though a mac version is planned for November. Still not sure why they didn't go with a PDF or something, but hey, that's their decision.

So, if you meet the requirements, download a copy and tell me how it is, since I can't do it yet. There's a little thingamajig that you can use to grab the guide books in the left sidebar of my blog, just under the random pictures from Flickr. It's called the "Schmapp!! Picker". For some reason, the code wouldn't work properly embedded in this blog post. Don't know if that's a blogger problem or a Schmap!! problem. Or, since I know I am far from perfect, an Allanimal problem.


At Friday, 30 June, 2006 , Anonymous naomi said...

well, aside from the OS problem, the guidebooks are pretty nifty. Congrats on getting some pictures in there! that's cool!

At Saturday, 01 July, 2006 , Blogger Allan said...

Hi Naomi! Thanks for letting me know about the guidebooks' nifty factor. I had that feeling, based on ... well, I don't remember anymore. Of course now it makes it even harder to wait until November...


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