04 September 2007

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Possum Trot

After my week-long class in California, I decided to pop in to Austin and see some old friends. I lived for about 6 years in Austin, most of them on this street - Possum Trot. Austin was a great place to live - so much to do, and I worked with so many people that are more or less my age that wanted to go out and do things. I may have chosen the wrong time to come back for a few days - it gets really hot in August.

Salt Lick BBQ
The highlight of my trip, was getting to eat good ol' Texas Barbecue again. I moved away from Austin in 2000, which means I haven't had real BBQ in 8 years. Yeah, there was some stuff that came close in Colorado, but nothing like the real thing.

Sunset over Lake Austin
I wish I could have stayed longer. It was a great time. It was great seeing my old co-workers again, who I used to see every day but now I see only every once in a while. I'll try not to make it 8 years before I see them again.

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At Sunday, 09 September, 2007 , Anonymous naomi said...

what a great street name! Possums totally trot. In an odd, off-kilter way.

At Wednesday, 19 September, 2007 , Blogger Jo Ann said...

Hmmm, wish you could have slipped up to Ames for a couple of days too! I would love to meet you and Jeannette. Steven's Jo Ann


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