18 December 2004

Christmas Decorations in Germany

It is a only a week until Christmas here in Germany (and everywhere else, now that I think about it) and just like in the USofA, there are quite a few decorations. Like in America, there is municipal decoration here, which isn't that different from the USA, but we also have Christmas Markets here (as I have mentioned earlier) which is an added touch here. On the other side of things, are people's personal decorations. The private homeowner in Germany doesn't get all Clark Grizwold and Tim Taylor with Christmas decorations. Maybe a few modest displays of lights... But what is really freaking me out is all of the "Santa hanging out of a window on a rope" decorations. Maybe in Germany, Santa doesn't slide up & down the chimney, maybe instead he just uses a grappling hook and sneaks in the window like a common cat burglar. Whatever the reason, these "Santa hanging on a rope" decorations are everywhere. And sometimes he looks pretty miserable (or maybe he looks like he is in an action movie, like the house is moving at 300 miles per hour and he is hanging on for dear life with the top-secret plans for the death star in his pocket)

Do we have those in the states this year or is this somthing straight out of Germany? They are everywhere. Sometimes there are multiple Santas on the same building! It is crazy! One building has so many I was reminded of the SWAT team rappelling down the building in that last part of the Blues Brothers movie. Too bad I didn't have my camera, because I know you don't believe me.


At Sunday, 19 December, 2004 , Blogger Leon Bertoletti said...

Well, have a nice Christmas time...


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