24 January 2005

Push or Pull?

OK, so I have been living in Germany for nearly 4 months now, and before that I have had several visits here, so really, I have spent at leat 6 months in this country, and most of that time I have had a pretty good grasp of the basics of the language.

So why is it, after all this time, I find myself pausing at doors (even doors I have gone through many times already) and asking myself, "Does 'ziehen' mean push, or pull?".

(Insert your "Midvale School for the Gifted" comments here)


At Sunday, 06 February, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

if its any comfort... i think i remember having the same problem with push or pull (instead of ziehen und druecken) when i first lived in the states. though of course push or pull are a lot more alike looking.... dont worry, i am sure even you will figure it out eventually. :-)

At Tuesday, 08 February, 2005 , Blogger Allan said...

Hey anonymous commentor!
Did I say I had a problem with drücken? No!
Drücken has never been a problem. I only get messed up by ziehen.


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