29 January 2005

Stonehenge: Where the Demons Dwell

I'm pretty late with this, but over the next several days (or weeks?) I will be filling in some stuff from our trip to England over Christmas & New Year's.

I believe it was January 2nd, we took a trip out to Stonehenge. Interestingly enough, when we mentinoed this to some people (not Brits) back in London, they said "What's Stonehenge?".

Of course, I kept singing "Stonehenge" by Spinal Tap throughout the visit.

Stonehenge & Lens Flare
Stonehenge with Lens Flare

Stonehenge & Bird
Lucky Bird He gets to see Stonehenge from above

Jeannette & Stonehenge
Jeannette & Stonehenge

The town of Salisbury is near Stonehenge, and we spent the night there. The day we arrived, the weather was terrible. But the next morning, it couldn't have been better. We got to see the moon hanging over the massive cathedral.

The Moon & Salisbury Cathedral
The moon over Salisbury Cathedral Look close, it is there.

The Moon & Salisbury Cathedral
The moon & Salisbury Cathedral Luckily I wasn't singing "when you get caught between the moon and Salisbury cathedral..."

One thing cool about Salisbury Cathedral is that the best of 4 remaining copies of the Magna Carta is kept here. It was pretty cool to see this document, a pre-cursor to modern Democracy (such as it is).

The oldest mechanical clock in the world
They also have the oldest mechanical clock in the world. Or something like that.

Salisbury cathedral at night.
We also visited the cathedral the night before (so much for blogging in chronological order!)



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great pics!! - shel


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