15 February 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

One thing that I am sure will blow the minds of the Americans reading this, is that apparently in Germany (or at least this part of Germany... or at least my company...) it is the responsibility of the person having the birthday to throw a party, rather than how it is done in America where the family/friends/co-workers throw the party for the birthday person.

So, in the days leading up to my big day, I asked some of the locals what should be done. Invariably, I was told that it is up to me (lots of help that was!). I could invite whoever I wanted to, I could bring whatever I wished, I could do whatever. So, I modeled it after some previous events and opted for the in-office Breakfast approach. So, brought bunches of fresh bread from the bakery, along with various cheeses, meats & condiments, juices & pickles, etc.

It seemed to go over well. We had fun. We made jokes. I even understood a couple of them. My boss covered for me on the one thing I forgot - champagne or wine (another thing that is strange for me, as an American, to just walk into work with) - and found a bottle of (completely unlabeled) wine.

Apparently, I completely overestimated how much food we would need, since there was enough left for everyone that wanted to to have lunch as well. Plus Jeannette and I had enough left after that for dinner.

So, I guess my special birthday dinner will have to wait (yet again) a day. But at least this time, it was my fault, and not due to Valentine's day.


At Wednesday, 16 February, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy belated bday allan! - shel

At Friday, 04 March, 2005 , Blogger RedDowg said...

Allan! Across the globe and still only an internet away! Boy, you are the internet king, with all your websites, etc. I thought to look for your blog when Naomi told me that you had a blog as well. Hi to Jeannette and a hug to both of you. --Heather

P.S. Thanks for the unexpected gift of a blogsite! (http://reddowg.blogspot.com/)


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