02 October 2005

Short Vacation, part 2


I really didn't intend to wait this long before continuing the story of our little mini-vacation. I really don't know why it has been so long... Sorry!

Anyway, we stayed in Freiburg for only one night, because we planned this trip at the last minute, and all hotels in Freiburg were booked for the weekend because of some sort of trade fair. So we opened our maps and found the biggest nearby town, which happened to be Breisach.


The weather was pretty lousy, and that's the best picture I got of town. We did a short walking tour, which covered all of the major sites in town by early afternoon, so we hopped on the bus (after stupidly not boarding a train that would have taken us to our destination an hour earlier) and rode out to Jechtingen and then hiked to some ruins called "Burg Sponek".

Sponek Ruine Sponek Tower

We decided to come here because a brochure in the train station recommended it as a nice thing to do. So we were a little surprised to find out that the ruins are on private property, fenced in and guarded by one or more vicious sounding dogs. So, after a short wander around the outside, trying to decide which bits are Roman ruins, which are medieval and which bits are modern, we wandered back towards Jechtingen. On the way, still in the middle of nowhere, we stopped at a Biergarten and had a drink.

Ivy Invasion
Back in Jechlingen, I saw this crazy, ivy-covered house, and thought that maybe I need to trim my beard.

We hopped the train back to Breisach and planned to catch the city tour guided by a monk that would describe life in Bresach in the 14th century. (Or something along those lines). But it started to rain. Very extremely heavily. since we didn't have an umbrella or a 2nd pair of shoes (thinking about the next day, we were!), we decided to grab a couple beers and call it a night.

... To Be continued, in Basel, Switzerland ...



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