21 August 2005

Wine Fest Season


It is wine fest season. This picture comes from the Wengertfescht, which is spelled kinda like how you would say "fest" after drinking too much wine. That one was last weeked, and we had a pretty good time at that one. There were even fireworks. Click the picture above to see more pictures from it on my Flickr account. There was even a guy walking around with a bag on his head, so it had to be good, right?

Yesterday we went to the Erlenbach wine fest kinda early, found ourselves a table with an umbrella near a food stand selling onion and spinach cakes and drank our wine while it rained around us. Since we were on the outskirts of the fest, and the fest sprawls throughout the narrow, twisty streets of Erlenbach, we didn't realize how insanely packed it got after the rain stopped. We had to fight our way through the throng to make it to the bus stop to get back to Heilbronn. I can't the people in the crowd were having a good time, considering how many people there were and how little space there was between everyone.

The big wine fest in Heilbronn will start in a couple weeks. The people we were with tell us that the Heilbronn wine fest is even bigger and even more crowded. I'm all for going to a fest and enjoying what they have to offer, but if I can barely move when I absolutly have to get out, that's not gonna be fun.

But everyone tells me how great the Heilbronn wine fest is. So I won"t pass judgement on it until I have actually experienced it. I am sure it is a lot of fun if we can scope out a table early on so we can be a bit more relaxed.


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