06 September 2005

Rainbow in the Dark


Double Rainbow

It started raining really hard while Matthias and I were in the hotel bar playing pool. When it let up, we left to try to find some food and we were amazed by this awesome rainbow. I wish I had my really wide-angle lens with me, so I could have captured the complete effect.

The pictures really don't convey how cool this was, especially since you can barely see that it was actually a double rainbow.


At Tuesday, 06 September, 2005 , Blogger Jeannette said...

Have you been left on your own?
Are you a picture, just an image caught in time?
Are we a lie, you and I?

Sorry, but I still haven't restarted the Slim Server, and so there have been a lot of random songs flowing in and out of my head. And you just added one that I probably wouldn't've have come up with on my own.

At Tuesday, 06 September, 2005 , Blogger Allan said...

Well, if you check out my Flickr account, maybe you'll get a Pailhead song stuck in your head.


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