30 October 2006


So while we were on vacation, we had a rental car that we rented using the rate we get from work. They made the arrangements, picked up the car, etc. like it was a car for a work-related trip, except that we paid with our personal credit card.

Well, sometime during the trip (at 10:15 am on the 23rd of September, on Maximilianallee, 250 m inside the city limit) I was "blitzed". That is, caught in an automated radar speed trap. I was going 62 kmh where I should have been going no more than 50. I saw the flash and said something along the lines of "crap". (I couldn't say much more, my mom was in the car!)

I then promptly forgot about it. Well, today the bill came in the mail - but not to me, to the finance people at work. D'oh! They were all ready to fight it, because I wasn't traveling for work at the time. How could it be me? Besides, they didn't think the picture looked at all like me. Someone who was involved and good friends with Jeannette, called her in and asked if it was me. It obviously was.

I was busted. My first speeding ticket ever. In 21 years of driving. I was going a whopping 38.5 MPH.

By the way, here's the picture they got of me.


At Monday, 30 October, 2006 , Blogger Jeannette said...

Well, if anyone has ever looked guilty in one of those pictures, it was you!
But really, I can see why finance didn't recognize you!

At Tuesday, 31 October, 2006 , Anonymous mom said...

they didn't recognize you because of the hair issue...

At Wednesday, 01 November, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, that german diet is doing wonders for your skin ....



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