04 September 2006

Back from Prague

We just got back from a long weekend getaway in Prague. Had a lot of fun. while we were there, I couldn't help but think about the guy in my high-school who taught himself Czech. After spending just a short time in the Czech Republic, I have a lot of respect for him - it seems like a crazy complicated language. I think it would take a lot of willpower and determination to do. Too bad we didn't have him along. I am sure he could have helped us at times.

I took 485 pictures in less than 72 hours. OK, to be honest, Jeannette took several and so did one random woman who offered when she saw us doing the self-portrait thing. Anyway, that comes to about 6.75 pictures an hour, more when you consider we slept during some of that time. I am still sorting through these, but I hope to share the best ones with you all soon.


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