19 February 2007

The 5th Season is Ending

Fasching, the 5th season in Germany, is coming to a close. This year we participated by watching a couple parades, one in Offenburg a couple weeks ago and Heilbronn's on Saturday.

The one in Offenburg was a lot of fun. The costumes seemed to be better - almost like realistic fairies and creatures that came out of the Black Forest just for this event. There was a lot of audience interaction. There was lots of confetti being noogied into people's hair (mine included - I was finding it for days afterwards) and teenage girls thrown into cages. Jeannette even got dragged off and had her shoelaces tied together with like 11 knots. On the downside, the candy distribution at the Offenburg parade was nearly pathetic.

On the other hand, the Heilbronn parade had more bands playing really fun music. Especially Ferro Tamburo, who was one of my favorites 2 years ago as well. The candy distribution was quite good, but we were too close to a bunch of grabby kids, so not much made it to us. At least Jeannette didn't get whomped by a bag of flour like she did last year.

I think the pictures I took at the Offenburg parade were some of the best action shots I have ever taken. Action shots have always been my downfall... The Heilbronn pictures weren't as good, but still not bad. There are too many to publish here, but if you are interested, have a look at the photo sets on Flickr:

Offenburger Narrentag 2007
Offenburg Narrentag 2007

Heilbronner Faschingsumzug 2007
Heilbronner Faschingsumzug 2007


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