12 May 2008

Border Momation, Stop Their Portation!

Border Momation, Stop Their Portation!

OK, so it is probably not the sprayer's native language, so I tend to cut them a bit of slack, but I'm not really sure what this means. Unlike most graffiti with spelling or grammar mistakes, I can't even guess.

Just for thoroughness, I googled "Border Momation, Stop Their Portation!" and got zero hits. I narrowed it to the individual words:

Momation seems to be the same of a rap and/or hip-hop performer (sorry, I am bad with musical genres), who has a channel on youtube.

Wiktionary defines "portation" as the act of carrying something or the act of porting software.

OK, with that information, the meaning still isn't clear.

Apparently "Portation" is also a plugin for the Archos TV+ that streams live TV from your TV+ to a laptop, Symbian phone or handheld Archo 605 or 705 with DVR station. Maybe it is a protesting the streaming of Momation's videos (or more likely, live performances) to mobile devices. But the "border" is not needed then. Unless it is international streaming.

Maybe there is an alternate definition of "Border" I don't know about. Or maybe it is a typo. Border should be Broader or something. In that case, maybe it is a plea to stop distributing Momation's work to a wider audience.

Either way, it is a very specific complaint for a sprayer...

At any rate, after this post is online, at least anyone googling for "Border Momation, Stop Their Portation!" should get a hit.

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At Monday, 12 May, 2008 , Anonymous steev said...

A common chant in the immigration and freedom-of-movement struggle, in Europe and the U.S., like at marches and protests, is "No Borders, No Nations, Stop Deportations!" I could see how someone who doesn't know English that well might hear that, know from context what it really means, but not know how to really repeat it or spell it, so it comes out "border momation, stop their portation!"

it's interesting that they wanted to use english and not their native tongue (i presume german?), tho i saw that so much in german media that i guess it shouldn't be surprising for graf. it's just somehow hip to use english. sigh.


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