09 July 2008

Swan Babies

Swan Kisses

A week ago, Jeannette and I discovered the swan nest in town along the Neckar. We both thought it was way too close to the walking path. Mama Swan was taking care of her nest and 6 eggs, and it was fun to watch her lay down on them, and reach for nearby twigs to tuck into the cracks between her body and the nest. Every 5 minutes or so she would stand up, rearrange an egg or two (by sliding he beak and head under one and pushing/rolling it around) and plop down again, re-tucking her babies in.

Swan Babies!

On Saturday, we discovered that some of the eggs had hatched. Mama was still taking care of two eggs, and there were two fuzzy little swan babies swimming around with Papa. We have no idea what happened to the other two eggs...

Swan Babies & Flowers

This time I had my camera and got a few decent shots. I hope the swan family didn't mind...

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At Friday, 11 July, 2008 , Anonymous naomi said...

paparazzo, ha ha!

Very cute little fuzzy things!


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