24 December 2015

A New Chapter Begins

For the next 5 weeks, I am unemployed.

On Nov. 30th, I turned in my notice to Intel that I was leaving, giving plenty of days according to my contractually required notice period.
I was supposed to transfer to a new project at the start of 2016 anyway, so most of my duties were wrapped up and already transitioned over to the people who would be taking over my current roles.

So, on Tuesday my manager and the leader of the team I was working on both agreed that I didn't need to keep coming in, so I turned in my laptop and badge. And now, a bit earlier than expected, I am enjoying my freedom, until February 1st, when I start a new job.

I look forward to the new opportunity, but even more I look forward to the time off. I have some things planned for that time, some of it involves moving back to Germany, but most of it will be "me time". It will be grand - I will do some exploring, reading, photography and gaming. Oh, and remembering German...

Looking Up!


At Friday, 25 December, 2015 , Blogger Jeannette Vollmer said...

I hope you have a great time travelling and enjoy your month off. And I hope the new opportunity is every bit as challenging and exciting as it appears to be!!!!


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