31 October 2008

A New Perspective on the Moon Landing Hoax

Homo-Sapiens Museum

I spotted this sign as were were driving around Crete. We didn't go inside, maybe I should have.

I am trying to understand how Homo-Sapiens evolved from caves on the moon, and I started to think about all the people that think the moon landings were faked. And then it hit me! Maybe, since it all happened so long ago, obviously we are just remembering things differently (hoax believers vs. non-believers), but we're all remembering it wrong. They weren't moon LANDINGS, but launches. The humans that evolved from caves on the moon colonized the Earth, about 40... no 6000... no 200,000 years ago.

Or something. Maybe they had a pair of all other animals on board as well. And it wasn't Neil Armstrong, it was Noah Armstrong!

Like I said, I should have gone in to see what was up.

Hopefully, it is just a mistake made by someone writing in their 2nd or 3rd language (I know I make enough mistakes in my 2nd language, sometimes to hilarious effect). I really, really, hope that there aren't people out there that think humans evolved on the moon.

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