26 February 2005

Germany is famous for...

So on the last day in Colorado Springs of my recent business trip, I was eating lunch with a gang of my co-workers that I had to say goodbye to once again. Anyway, at the restaurant, I couldn't finish my meal, so the waiter asked if I wanted a box to take it home with me. (This is another difference between the US and Germany. In "the big D", the waiters will not ask and it is rarely possible to get a take home box). I told him that I would I would like to, but I'm going to be getting on a plane soon and I didn't think it would survive the trip. He asked me where I was going, and I told him I was heading back home to Germany. He said, "Germany. Aren't there a lot of trees there?"

True, but not exactly what I think is most notable about this country.


At Saturday, 05 March, 2005 , Anonymous steev said...

yeah its funny how people equate places with semi-arbitrary things.

when i was going to move to oregon a friend kept talking about all the great pot grown there. in his mind that's what the place meant. he should have thought rain.

now people are going to equate california with Arnold.



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