24 February 2005

When 1 = 3

I have been in Colorado Springs this week on a business trip, and I had to stop into Target to pick up some things that we either can't find in Germany or prefer the American alternative. I had several items by the time I reached check-out, and the cashier asked me "Is one bag enough?" I found this interesting, because I often would complain about how so often in America, we woudl come home with approximately one bag for every 2 items, no matter how small the items are. It makes no sense to me, so it was refereshing to be offered to only get one. You know, better for the environment, keep costs down, etc. blah blah blah.

So I was quite surprised when I was walking out of the store, I found that my items were in one bag, but that bag had been placed inside another bag placed inside a third bad. Yes, my items were triple bagged. Nothing was particularly heavy or sharp, so I had 200% more bags that I needed.

I guess it is true what they say about the lousy American educational system, or did someone make one equal to three without telling me.


At Friday, 25 February, 2005 , Blogger volterwd said...

Nope americans are just stupid


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