11 March 2005

Language Lessons on the Streets of Heilbronn

Anyone that is easily offended might want to skip this one. It contains some naughty language. Really naughty. You have been warned. That means mom, please stop reading until I say it is OK again.

So today Jeannette and I were walking home from work, on the same path that we go almost every day. As usual, we were discussing our work day adventures, and at the time of this story, Jeannette was in the middle of a rather lengthy discussion of quite interesting things that subsequent events which I am about to describe have since caused me to forget.

Anyway, we were passing the Jugendzentrum (kinda like the YMCA) and two "youths" were standing outside. I noticed that they seemed very interested in the fact that we (well, actually only Jeannette at the time) were speaking English. After we passed them, one of them said "Hey! Fuck You!". Yeah, in English.

Wow! How orginal. We just ignored them, and Jeannette continued her story without a pause. After getting no reaction, the little punk said "Hey Bitch! Suck my dick!".

I was infuriated. How dare the little asswipe talk to my wife like that! of course, I knew that the little fuckstick was just trying to get a reaction out of us, so we didn't bother giving the little shitstain the pleasure. Jeannette continued her story, again without halting.

A couple blocks away, Jeannette was finished with her story. And we had to comment on our new little admirer. We pretty much agreed that we are quite impressed with his vocabulary. And if that's the best he could come up with to say to a random person on the street, than I guess my German language skills aren't so bad, becuase I could definitely get someone's attention without resorting to obscentites.

OK. I have vented. OK, Mom, you can start reading again. The naughty part is over.

I hope someone at the Jugendzentrum chucked a full-speed handball into his nuts.


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