03 October 2005

Basel (rhymes with Nozzle)


The real reason we had been bouncing around Southern Germany the last couple days in our little vacation is because we were planning on meeting Jeannette's friend in Basel, Switzerland, on Saturday. So we left Breisach early in the morning, changed trains in Freiburg and chugged away towards Basel. We got there about an hour before we expected to meet Julie, so we went to a market in a park near the hotel. We screwed around for a while, and ended up buying a couple CDs. (Jeannette got "We Love Life" by Pulp and I got "Skull Ring" by Iggy Pop). But it added another chunk of proof to my theory about foreign currencies. That things are not necessarily priced by their value, but by a convenient number. For example, the CDs at the market in Basel were 10 Swiss francs. Nice round number. But converting back to Euros meant we were getting a heck of a deal. (Compared to the outrageous prices for new CDs in a store, but the price we paid was actually pretty close to what I think a NEW CD should cost!)

Jeannette, Julie & the Pylon

OK, I am getting way off on a tangent there... When we eventually met up with Julie, we decided to find the "Dreiländer Eck", which is this pylon sitting on a slice of land that marks a point that is supposedly the intersection of the French, German and Swiss borders. It was right next to the Rhein river, but we still didn't believe that we were actually jumping across a border as we ran around that fancy pole.

This place is a nice restaurant in Basel.

Jeannette and Julie Doin' the Dishes.
But unfortunately they made us do the dishes!

We spent a lot of time exploring Basel (some not as successful as others), but eventually Julie had to get back to Geneva to catch a plane and we had to hop on a train to Luzern.

... to be continued in Luzern ...



At Monday, 24 October, 2005 , Blogger Stan said...

Hello! My name is Stan, I'm from the US, and I just moved to Basel about a month ago. I was wondering where you and your friend went to buy CDs, I'm still searching for a good place to buy music here. Ciao.

At Tuesday, 01 November, 2005 , Blogger Allan said...

Hi Stan,
I hope you are liking Basel. It seemed like a very nice place, based on my very brief visit.
We bought CDs at an outdoor market on Sankt-Peters-Graben. I have no idea if it is a weekly market or what, but there was a lot of variety and good prices, if you have the patience to dig through the stacks at the 5 or 6 CD-oriented stalls scattered throughout the market.


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