15 December 2005


I think I made my first intended joke in German today. At least I intended to be funny, and the audience laughed, so I think it was successful, even though it was a pretty lame joke.

The joke requires some explanation, which means it will not be funny by the time you finish reading this.

The facts:
A) The german word "Mandeln" means both "Tonsils" and "Almonds".
B) "Gebrannte Mandeln" are a treat that one can buy at the various markets in Germany, especially now during the Christmas markets. The translation is something like "burned almonds", and they are tasty, candy-coated almonds.

So, when someone at work was talking about his son's tonsil operation, I said something about his gebrannte Mandeln and hilarity ensured for about 2.6 nanoseconds.


At Thursday, 15 December, 2005 , Blogger Jeannette said...

I don't think 2.6 nanoseconds is human-noticable, and yet we laughed (after looking at you to see if you just didn't get it, of course), so I think that you are under-exaggerating.

And now, if you will allow me to change the subject to ME, let me mention how that reminds me of the first (and only?) joke I made in French - also a pun. Do you think there is a reason, like us foreigners hear puns where natives don't? Anyway, to the funny part, which also takes explanation. 1) There is cheese called La vache qui rit (Laughing cow)
2) A rice salad is called salade de riz
3) Riz and rit are pronounced the same.
4) I told a friend that my salade de riz could also be considered a salade qui rit. Or something like that.

*Please ignore all spelling errors. If I could actually spell anything in French, I might have been capable of better jokes.

The real point is, we are proud of you, Allan. And your pictures are great and the company magazine should have acknowledged you as the source, and just because you shared them with one person didn't nullify your copyright, and it is still embedded in the image, should anyone care to look.

At Friday, 16 December, 2005 , Anonymous Steven said...

Yeah, I think it must be some sort of little breakthrough in language learning to find puns. I don't think I've ever reached that point in another language, though one can always add "that pun works in Ningil, too", and hope that the audience doesn't know better.


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