06 November 2005


Jeannette has a nasty cold this weekend, so it hasn't really been an eventful weekend for us.

I took some pictures, but I'm not really happy with them.

A couple years ago on a vacation to Germany, we found these candies (from the makers of the famous Gummi Bear) that are kind of like Good & Plenty, but more colorful and with slightly larger piece size. Since moving here, however, we haven't seen them in the stores. Well, yesterday I did find the Haribo Stafetten in a department store, of all places.

Oh yeah, we were at this department store because we finally bought an iron. The travel iron just wasn't cutting it anymore. Of course, if I wasn't so stupid, I wouldn't have bought all those shirts that need ironing... I think I spent more time checking out the new advances in Lego technology than I did looking at irons. And this is saying a lot, since there was this annoying gaggle of women discussing every minute detail of every iron and they did it in such a way that they always happened to be standing in front of at least one of the two irons I was trying to compare.

Anyway, so it wasn't nearly as exciting as biking out to the Weibertreu ruins, which was the original, pre-cold plan for this weekend. Maybe next weekend.


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