03 November 2005


Heuchelberg Vineyards

Apparently, you are all interested in what this Heuchelberg thing is. I base this statement on the vast array of comments from a recent post, and the pages and pages of comments my friends and family leave for me on other posts of this blog that indicate to me how interested you all are in my life. The resounding theme of the comments in the one year and a couple days that this blog has existed is that everyone wants to know what the heck Heuchelberg is.

Heuchelberg Vineyards

If you haven't gathered by now, Heilbronn is pretty much completely surrounded by vineyards. And wine is pretty important stuff, so people built towers and walls around them.


The walls are pretty much all taken down now, replaced with lots of roads criss-crossing through the vineyards and other fields, which makes for a great autumn bike ride to see the great colors in the fields. Luckily the towers are still there and often climbable. Which makes for good photos.

Heuchelberg Vineyards

There are tons more on my Flickr photostream, so you should check them out if you like them.

But I still haven't explained this whole Heuchelberg thing. But really, I have no idea if anyone cares about it or anything else on this blog. So... let me know if I should bother keeping up with this, because it is kind of depressing to think that I am just writing it for myself.


At Friday, 04 November, 2005 , Anonymous naomi said...

no no, I for one, find your blog posts about life as an expat totally fascinating. Plus, my god those photos are beautiful!

At Friday, 04 November, 2005 , Anonymous Jan said...

Allan, keep up your blog..it is a good way of learning what you have been doing. Both your dad and I check it all the time...we just are too lazy to make comments. And your pictures are beautiful!!

At Friday, 04 November, 2005 , Anonymous steev said...

I look at your blog all the time too, cuz I use a feedreader that reminds me about it. But i'm usually too busy to comment. yes, keep it up, but whatever you do, DON'T tell us what a Huechalburg is, and stop showing us these gorgeous photos!


At Saturday, 05 November, 2005 , Blogger Stan said...

I check your blog every few days, and I hope you keep going. I just moved to Switzerland from the US, and its so good for me to hear how someone else is doing here in Europe. Maybe you'd get some feedback with a free hit-counter; you might be suprised how many people check in.

At Sunday, 06 November, 2005 , Anonymous Steven said...

I wouldn't try to calculate readership from commentership; I see pretty much all your posts but don't really have anything specific to say about most of them.

By the way, you can't necessarily get a count from a hit-counter as Stan suggested, because, for example, I read your stuff through an RSS feed, which wouldn't show up as a hit count on any post pages unless I click through to the page (which I usually do only if I want to comment.) Also, there are services such as Bloglines that read your blog once but could distribute it to multiple subscribers (although they actually helpfully specify how many subscribers they have in their Referrer: field, but if you don't have raw HTTP server logs you won't see that).

Finally, my personal strategy for blog writing is to not really care whether anyone is reading. I pretend there's an audience, but I don't really care if there is. If something I'm going to post demands an audience, I probably will send it as an email or something rather than a blog post.

So, there's my excessively lengthy take...


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