14 January 2006


It is a new year, so I figure I should say something about what bothers me about calendars. Specifically, those [insert whatever here]-a-day calendars. They promise a Far Side cartoon, a Monty Python trivia fact, an insult, a German phrase, a Bible verse, a kitten, a recipe, a redneck joke, a useless trivia "fact", or whatever variety calendar you bought or had bought for you every single day.

Well it is a big fat lie I tell you, because they always combine saturday and sunday. It isn't a "word a day" calendar, since there are not 365 (or 366 on leap years) nuggets of wisdom contained within.

Why is that? The weekend is when I have the most time to absorb whatever secret knowledge the calendar has to give, yet I am cheated and only get one day. Since when does a year have only 313 days? (Jan 1 was a sunday this year, so they were forced to give me a sunday separated from a saturday - of this year).

Don't tell me it is to save paper. If that were true, why are there at least 14 blank sheets at the end of the calendar?


At Saturday, 14 January, 2006 , Anonymous Steven said...

Hmmm, sounds like a great business opportunity. One could make "Sunday Supplement" calendars that are just 52ish pages of Sundays with, like, two kittens for each. The Deluxe model would come with some sort of tool to insert the pages into your existing calendar.


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