28 January 2006



It has been really cold here lately (it is -10° C now, which translates to 14° F for those not hip to the metric system or 263.15 K for those that don't want to be understood) so I haven't been out and about much. That and the fact that it is dark before & after work, so there isn't a lot of incentive to go out and take pictures.

On the other hand, this has given me plenty of time to work with my new photo cataloging software. The frustrating bits of the new software will be ranted over in an upcoming blog post, and I will probably drop a few nuggets of goodness about it every once in a while. Like now. It has helped me rediscover some of my older pictures that I had forgotten about. Like this nice, blue bug with spots that I spotted (pun intended) in Colorado a couple years ago (in an area of the Pike National Forest that had been burned down by the Hayman fire of 2002). I'll probably be bringing out a few more old pics like this because I am excited about rediscovering my old & forgotten gems.


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