09 April 2006

Happy Weekend

As I mentioned last time, I broke my camera and it will be 6-8 weeks before it is repaired. And I have a vacation coming up, and I really want a camera for this trip. It is quite important for me, really. So I decided to get a new one. Trouble is, the new one that meets my criteria is so badly backordered that finding one is only slightly more likely than winning the lottery. I must have been lucky, because I found a place with one in stock, so I ordered it. After a dreadfully long-feeling week, it finally arrived on Friday. And it is quite the awesome camera, too. I am very happy with it.

So yesterday some friends from Heidelberg came down to visit us, and between the excellent weather and some wonderful restaurants, we had a great time. The picture above is a combination of those two things - the brilliant sun shining through the wine glasses & bottles made incredible colored shadows on our table. I think I captured the essence of it pretty well.


At Monday, 17 April, 2006 , Anonymous Carrie said...

So which camera did you get? What were the features you really wanted? We went with the Sony CyberShot because of its small size and good picture quality.


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