02 April 2006

Really, My Camera is Broken

Really, that wasn't an April Fool's joke. My camera is broken...
Since I can't take new pictures, I will enjoy the pictures I have already taken. Here are my most "interesting" photos on Flickr. I am kind of surprised (and embarrassed) by several of them, others I am quite proud of. Can you guess which ones are which? Also, I am amazed, shocked & disappointed that some of my other photos are not ranked on the "interestingness" scale.

1. Infinite Blue, 2. Lenin Lives!, 3. Pigeonholed!, 4. Humped Zebra Crossing, 5. Friedhof, 6. Heuchelberg Vineyards, 7. Pez Machine, 8. Slide On In Babe,

9. Darth Vader, 10. Color & Texture, 11. Signs in Heilbron, pt 2, 12. Come On, It's Funny!, 13. Burg Stettenfels, 14. Vinyards in Flein, 15. Grapes, 16. Frauenkirche, Dresden


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