11 May 2006

Vacation: Act I, Scene I

My boss let me take an extra day off work, so my vacation started a day early, with the stipulation that if there was an emergency at work I had to come in and take care of it. So, while Jeannette went to Frankfurt to pick up Dad and the Steply Ugmother at the airport, I got my hair cut and cleaned the house. At about 16:30, I did get a call from work. I could have explained how to fix the problem to another engineer over the phone, but being 16:30 on a friday meant that nobody was there. So I hopped on my bike and in a grand total of about 1/2 hour, production was running and I was back home again. Eventually, everyone arrived back home, and we headed to Leyner's for some good Schwäbisch food. We took a quick tour of Heilbronn's downtown and had a beer at the Dachpavilion - a bar with a 5th floor balcony with a great view of Killianskirche. By this time, jet lag was setting in for the half of us that had been on a plane that day, so we went back home and hit the sack.

The next day we continued the tour of Heilbronn, starting with climbing the Hafenmarkt Tower to get a good overview (literally) of town. Here you can see the Kilianskirche tower, without me having to angle my camera up to see it. I really love that staircase. Someday, I will climb it, too.

We eventually finished seeing what there was to see in Heilbronn and sped off to the nearby vineyards and climbed yet another tower, the Heuchelberg Warte. The setting was nice, so I took a picture of the family.

Eventually, we did the right thing and took our visiters to a Besen to sample local wine and food.

That pretty much wraps up day one. Stay tuned for the Romantic Road, coming up soon.



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