06 August 2006

Dragon Boats '06

Like Last Year, Jeannette was on the company's dragon boat team. And also like last year, I took a bunch of pictures. Unlike last year, the races were not part of the Neckarvergnügen since that festival only happens every 4 years. Instead, it was part of the 4. Böckinger Drachenboot - Cup und Käthchen - Cup 2006. To you, gentle readers, it doesn't mean much. But to us, it meant that the races weren't outside of our window like last year. Instead they were along a stretch of the Neckar in Böckingen, far enough from home that we had to hang out there between races. Which wasn't too bad, since they had the whole fest thing going on (which means food & drinks were readily available), but the weekend of the races was the first weekend in our 2+ month heat wave, so it was not that fun being out in the sun for 6 hours. Redheads don't react to that very well.

Jeannette's team didn't do the best, but they weren't bad either. All in all, it was fun for everyone. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the day.

Paddle-Up Team is Winning
Jeannette's Team is Winning at this point.

Jeannette hard at work.

One of the professional teams

I like the expression of the girl in the center. She looks quite tired.

Jeannette's team just won the heat, and the drummer boy knows it and is quite happy.

The drummer for this team of nurses was drumming on a bedpan instead of the drum. She was quite disappointed to learn of their loss.


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