06 August 2006

Pink Castle of Karlsruhe

Schloß Gottesaue

On June 10th, we were in Karlsruhe. I was a bit nervous about going, because earlier this year I was there and I broke my camera. I hoped I wouldn't do a repeat performance of that last time.

We had three goals for this visit:
1) Go to the Indian buffet we saw the last time. Since high quality and tasty Indian food is hard to find in Heilbronn, we seek it out when we leave town (see: Chaos theory: Some differences between Germany and France).
2) Find a nice 80th birthday gift for Jeannette's Grandmother to give from Jeannette's dad (since he couldn't make it, being in America and all).
3) Take some pictures of the nice castle-cum-music school Schloß Gottesaue.

All three goals were completed without a major hitch.

And, in case you were wondering, eventually I got my old camera and lens fixed. It cost 300 euros (almost $400!) to repair. Ouch.


At Thursday, 10 August, 2006 , Blogger wildbad said...

I too am an Ausländer living (coincidentally) a few meters away from the "Pink Castle" shown in your blog. It is actually called the "Gottesaue Schloss" and in addition to being a swell chunk of architecture, happens to host the "Open air Kino" which as its name implies, shows movies in the great outdoors throughout the late spring and summer. Highly recommended, but check the weather first. Nice to read you. Tom Moylan


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