10 August 2006

Indian. In a Can.

So, we have bee-yotched and moaned several times about the lack of a good Indian restaurant in Heilbronn. Actually, we had two excellent ones for a couple months, but they opened within a week or two of each other, lasted about a month, and closed within a couple weeks of each other. I guess good ol' HN can't support two new non-Turkish, non-Chinese/Thai restaurants in the same timespan. They were good. They knew how to make something hot yet still so tasty that you keep shovelling it in. And that is a challenge in the land of negative food heat that is Germany.

The long-standing Indian restarant is just a few steps from our house. OK, call it 1.5 US blocks. Anyway, we went there once and the food was bad. I always say, I think the only spice they use is salt. It just wasn't good. We gave it a second chance, in case the normal cook was sick or on vacation or something. Same deal. So we wrote it off. But it always has a crowd inside. I just want to crack open the door and tell everyone that they wouldn't know good Indian food if it popped up 3 times a year in a can at discount grocery store Aldi!

Thing is, it does.
And we took advantage of it today.

Too bad they don't have much variety. But it is better than the salty crap we would otherwise be able to get. *

Gettin' The Indian Fix

* Strangely enough, there are at least two pizza delivery services in town with "fast food" Kormas and Vindaloos. They are pretty decent too. Too bad their burritos and tacos** blow.

** Yes, edible Mexican food is also the proverbial needle in a haystack here in Heilbronn, too.


At Friday, 11 August, 2006 , Anonymous Steven said...

Hmm, until you mentioned it, I wouldn't have realized that I've never had Indian in a can.

Though it's clear why... Ever since I left my parent's home, I have pretty much vowed to never eat food from a can, except soup. It probably isn't quite as horrible as I think, but I just have bad memories of it.

Having left my parent's home is also the time before which I had never had any Indian food.

So, I guess it makes sense. Anyway, I hope you someday get a better alternative. Ames has Indian again, in case you didn't know. They have a lunch buffet and everything. I'm buying next time you're in town :-).

At Friday, 11 August, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think that's one of my favorite pictures now, ever. there is good indian in a can - the brand is jyoti. very authentic. i keep checking aldi's here to see if they ahve indian, but alas, they don't. the sadness. - shel

At Monday, 14 August, 2006 , Blogger Allan said...

Steven - if you're buying, I'll be there!
Just have to figure out how to get a junket -- err, business trip, to Iowa.

There is a tiny Indian grocery store not far from here. I will have to see if they have your recommended stuff, Shel.scd


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