05 November 2006

I'm Off

In about 1 hour, I hop in a car to drive to Frankfurt to wait in the airport until I get on a plane to sit for 12 hours until I get to Singapore. In that too short but too long hour before I go, I am trying to figure out what to do. It is dark & cold outside, so going out is out. I can only say "Bye, I'll miss you" to Jeannette so many times. So I decided to show you some silly pictures from Berlin. Not all of my silly Berlin pictures, just some.

First: here's me, in my best attempt to imitate the Tick's pose on my T-shirt. I am only slightly taller than the TV tower, unlike the Tick and the City's skyscrapers. But I think I did OK.

Here's Jeannette, attempting the same. But she doesn't have anything on her T-shirt to compare the pose with. If I were a better photo manipulator, I would combine those two so we were standing on either side of, and still dwarfing, the TV tower.

Inspried by the "I Crush Your Head" guy on Kids in the Hall, I had to crush the TV Tower's ball. The effect isn't quite perfect. I'll have to work on it.

OK, this one isn't so silly. But It is interesting. Zooming in on the ball and all those antennas.

Also not silly, except that I have captioned the photo as: "A strange light beam melted the Fernsehturm in Berlin's Alexanderplatz today. Authorities are still investigating..."

(Don't worry, it isn't really an orbital tower-melting laser. Its just the sun and some wacky effects of light whose name eludes me at the moment. Physics classes were sooo long ago!)

OK. Hopefully I will be able to send an update from SE Asia. If not, see you in 2 weeks.


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