25 April 2007

CSI: Heilbronn

Some time today, two police officers in Heilbronn were shot. One was killed, the other was seriously injured.
Nobody knows what happened - the two were found near their car this afternoon, with their guns and handcuffs missing.

All afternoon & evening, police sirens are blaring. Helicopters are circling. Cops in bulletproof vests are everywhere. Every car trying to leave the city is being checked, and so traffic is backed up for miles.

Outside our apartment a few minutes ago, about 10 police cars & vans pulled up and the police piled out. Some had their hands on their guns, at least one carried a big machine-gun.

I have seen my share of police in Germany, but I don't recall ever seeing them ready to whip out their guns, much less have them out & ready (like the machine-gunner). Even the police around controversial demonstrations seemed calm and cool.

The spectacle outside our place was similar to things that have happened before - a routine control of the teenagers down by the river. But there were about 5x the number of police and they were armed and ready for business this time.

This all happened on Theresienwiese, which is not far from work. Which is not far from home. Which kinda gives me the heebee jeebies since the perps haven't been caught yet.


At Wednesday, 25 April, 2007 , Blogger CerferCat said...

Geez, I'd have the heebie-jeebies, too! Hopefully they got the hell outta' Dodge afterwards...

At Thursday, 26 April, 2007 , Anonymous Jan said...

You and Jeannette keep safe...stay indoors. Hopefully, the killer(s) will be caught and not far gone. But, if not, let them be far gone so you and Jeannette are safe. Please keep us posted!


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