01 April 2007

Flea Markets

Jeannette has always been a big fan of going to flea markets in Germany. Before moving here, we went to them when we happened upon them, but never really found much to buy. Upon moving here, we've been to the Heilbronn Flohmarkt many times, and I am usually pretty unimpressed. Every once in a while, when there is something we need, like light-bulbs, we can pick them up for slightly cheaper and possibly with more convenience. But for the most part, the Heilbronner Flohmarkt is dominated by people selling Russian DVDs and CDs (completely useless due to my due to my linguistic limitations) and a few other things that don't interest me all that much. It isn't that often that I need a 30 cm bolt. (Of course, when I need one, I know where I can go.) Even the Skittles I bought on the cheap one time, despite having a familiar package, had a horrible taste. Because of this, I have had a negative attitude towards flea markets lately.

Last weekend, we were in Frankfurt and, in addition to finding a restaurant with the best Pad Thai I have ever had (at least in Germany - the next best I remember having was in Austin, and that was a long time ago), we had a positive flea market experience. Again, I found several cheapo CDs and Jeannette got a couple pairs of Levi's. And they were good CDs - typically flea market CD sellers have 87 copies of one-hit-wonder pop music drivel sampler CDs, a huge selection of CD singles that are occasionally interesting but cost 6 euros each, and the one good CD they have is inevitably R.E.M.'s Monster, and we already have 2 copies of that.

Yesterday we hit the flea market in Stuttgart, about 20-30 minutes before it officially closed (many people had packed up and left already). Despite that, I found some cheap and good used CDs (I would have liked to listen to about 30 of them, but stuck to buying 3) and Jeannette found a good lead on an Indian-style ring she has been trying to find. Overall positive experience.

Before last weekend, I had decided that I really didn't like flea markets. Now I know it's just that Heilbronn's flea market is not up to par.

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