11 April 2007


We were in Paris for Easter weekend. (On a note completely unrelated to the rest of this post, except for the fact that it concerns Paris, don't go to Paris for Easter weekend. Unless you like battling crowds and dealing with lots of closed things). On Sunday we got to the Louvre early and were among the first 15-20 in line. We got through the ticket machines before most people could even find them and had a nice morning checking out the famous works of art.

When we left the palace grounds, and looked down the Rue de Rivoli, we saw a row of swastika flags. The photo above doesn't show the whole effect. The whole block was lined with them. What the hell? We knew the French elections were heating up the next day - was there some big political rally for a Nazi party or something?

We had to check it out - not because we support that sort of thing or anything - but because there is no way you could see this in Germany. At least legally in such a public place.

As we were walking there, Jeannette pointed out the McDonald's logo with the Nazi flags, and I found it a very strange combination and had to take a picture.

It turns out it was a movie set. Apparently starring Moritz Bleibtreu. I tried to do the Paparazzi thing. Maybe the pictures turned out... Haven't had time to look.

More from Paris, later...

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