17 October 2008

Opium For Your Ears; Whiskey For Your Soul

Opium For Your Ears; Whiskey For Your Soul

Firewater Poster acquired after their show on 16.10.2008 at Cafe Central in Weinheim, Germany.

It was great, I recommend seeing it when they come to your neighborhood, or anywhere within 100 km. The only bad thing was that it wasn't long enough. Oh, and that the opening band started way later than they should have. But you can't really fault Firewater for that.

Set List:
Hey Clown
Bhangra Bros.
Already Gone
Chi Cha
Bourbon & Division
Electric City
Get Out Of My Head
Weird To Be Back
Three-Legged Dog
"The Tuning Song" - Tod A. (silently) tuned his guitar while the other 5 played.
This Is My Life

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At Saturday, 18 October, 2008 , Anonymous Jan said...

Hmm..probably not my kind of music unless they are 'folk' but certainly glad you enjoyed the event!


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