30 March 2005

Back in the USA

We're back in the USA on a tour of Eastern Iowa visiting family and friends before we make it to Brigitte's wedding. So I have been a bit too busy to blog much... Here is a rundown of what we *have* done.

1) Got to Chicago. Got a rental car after waiting for way too long for the bus to take us to the rental car place. Drove to Janesville, WI to see Brigitte. There is no CD player or cassette player in the car, and the only radio station we could find after leaving the range of Chicago radio seemed to play only an extended remix of Sir Mix-a-lot's "Baby Got Back".

2) Hung with Brigitte & Randy. Ate fried cheeze curds at a place called somthing like Hggrprhms. Someone needs to do a vowel drop on that one. While the girls went shopping and visited the spa, the boys played video games. Watched a couple of stupid silly movies. Slept.

3) Drove to Aurora to see Greg & family. Brought B&R's FM transmitter for my Old Skool 1st Gen iPod so we never heard the end of the extended "Baby Got Back" remix. Hung with Greg & Martha and the two way-too-cute kiddos. Went to the park & the zoo. Saw some woman get yelled at for "teasing the elk" (sounds kinda like a sexual innuendo there...)

4) Drove to Shellsburg to hang with Dad, Jan & Steev. Hiked along the Cedar River. Saw what were apparently plundered native american burial mounds. Got a sore throat, and now for some reason I am producing snot at an alarming rate.

Tomorrow we will head towards Bettendorf.


At Monday, 18 April, 2005 , Anonymous mom said...

Hey, you never blogged about how wonderful your Bett visit was!


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