18 March 2005

What a difference a day makes...

Ok, not a day, but 2 weeks. The first part of March was the coldest in Europe in recorded history, or something like that. I had the pleasure of going to München (Munich for you Americans) for work the 1st week in March. So, exactly 2 weeks ago, I was freezing my butt off, taking snowy pictures of München. (Sorry, you have to wait a paragraph for them).

Anyway, getting back to what I said earlier, "What a difference 2 weeks makes". The last two days in Heilbronn were completely wunderschön - warm, sunny - near perfect weather. We spent one night on our balcony sipping wine and looking at the river, and last night at an outdoor cafe. I think I am going to like this country, totally set up for a perfect the outdoor relaxation & beer combination called the Biergarten! (Too bad they don't open until April...)

Icy München
A nicely frozen fountain, yet it continues to spew forth water.

Snowy Münchener Lion
A snowy lion.

Snowy München
The famous München landmark, the Frauenkirche, with snowy domes.

Münchener Frauenkirche with Snow
The Frauenkirche with snow.

Kid playing in München.
It wasn't too cold for this kid to ride a fish!

Fountain in München
Another fountain. Not so icy, in fact there's a lady checking the temperature. (She was skinny dipping a few minutes later.)


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