30 April 2005

Ein Fest!

Last night, we were at Heilbronn's May festival. It was a crazy asssortment of amusement park rides with food and clothes stalls mixed in between. We gravitated towards the massive beer tent, and after a bogo (Buy One Get One free) beer and some nice sausage at the outside tables, we headed inside for the oompah band. It was a very nice time indeed.

My observations:

1) There is a trend for guys in Germany (or at least Heilbronn) to wear capri pants or clamdiggers. Man, that is not cool. Especially on the punk guy with the chain for a belt, the mohawk and the ratty leather jacket with anti-nazi stuff safety pinned to it. The punk look was great, until the jeans rolled up to his knees. (It would have been OK if the jeans were violently ripped off instead of rolled up).
2) There is a girl in the Heilbronn region who looks remarkably like Kirsten Dunst.
3) The only pay toilet I have found in this city is at Theriesienwiese.
4) We should limit ourselves to 2 Maß in one night until we have some serious beer training.
5) The cheap two-for-one beer is offset by paying to pee.
6) It still blows my mind seeing 14-year olds chugging liquor and slurping beer with (presumably) their big brother/sister.
7) There is no number 7.
8) On this first fest of the year with good weather, plenty of girls are out in their best Hollywood hooker attire.
9) I forgot number 9 (thanks to #4)

All in all, it was a good time.


At Friday, 13 May, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK Allan, I should spend more time with your "beer-training". I will take care of this after my vacation ;)
Alex R.


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