16 April 2005

Ein Maß, bitte!

I am almost ashamed to say it, but I have been in Germany for 6 months and today was the first day that I had ein Maß of beer at a Biergarten. The Biergarten thing I can blame on the fact that I didn't get here until near winter. Can't go to the Biergarten when they are closed. I gues that is also is kind of the excuse for the Maß - a beer that size is really meant for the Biergarten.

(image blatantly stolen from Google Images)

Anyway, I can't write much more... My typing is suffering from the quantity of beer I have had in the last couple hours...

Oh, and since this is so boring, you should check out what Jeannette has to say about underwear. In fact, if you want to do me a favor, you should leave comments about how she just doesn't have enough variety in the sexy underwear department. Thanks for pulling for me.


At Monday, 18 April, 2005 , Anonymous Tom said...

So - is it a breach of blogger etiquitte for your father to post a comment?

In any case, that is quite a beer! I guess I need to visit next year so I can try one.


At Monday, 18 April, 2005 , Blogger Allan said...

No breaches of etiquitte, IMHO.

Let me mention that the typical relationship of quantity vs. quality of beer does not apply here. Not only is it really big, it is really good too.

At any rate, you should come visit. Whether it is to visit me or to merely try a big-ol yummy German beer, either way, it is fine. My GPS coordinates are in my profile!


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