08 June 2005

The International Beer Mile

Reflections & Jeannette

When we were in Dresden a couple weeks ago, there was a festival in town called the "International Beer Mile", which consisted of live music, kiosks selling festival food and, of course, beer! There was a wide range of beer from Poland, Germany, Beligium, the Czech republic and the 2nd music stage seemed to be sponsored by Guinness, which means Ireland was there too. So, it is more international than Waterloo International Airport, which only gets that title because there is an infrequent jaunt to Canada that originates there.

We had some great beer, including a Belgian cherry beer that tasted kind of like thick cherry kool-aid with a shot of vodka in it. We heard some fun music, and enjoyed watching the drunks dance along.

You can experience a few yards of the "Beer Mile" here, reflected in Jeannette's sunglasses.



At Thursday, 09 June, 2005 , Blogger Jeannette said...

Oh, and Allan didn't mention that I got a Schwarzbierbowle - marinated fruit in a glass of black beer. Mmm mmm.


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