26 May 2005

May in Baden-Württemburg

May is a great time in Baden-Württemburg. There are 3 holidays, so almost every week of the month was a short, 4-day week. Today was the last of the three, and I spent it catching up on things that I have been lagging behind on. Mostly photo editing... Expect to see some pictures from Dresden, Nürnberg and Waverly soon.


At Friday, 27 May, 2005 , Blogger Jeannette said...

I can't wait to see pictures of Waverly!!!! I sometimes miss it there. The tractors driving down the streets, the tumbleweeds. But, I hear that Jen saved viewing the Revenge of the Sith for the Waverly theatre, because it is the best in the area. Rumor had it that they planned to eat at Martin's Brandenburg while they were there!


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