05 June 2005

An Overview of Heilbronn


In my first major physical exertion after the half-marathon last week, today we biked up to the top of Wartberg, a fairly large hill just north of Heilbronn covered with vineyards. At the top of this hill is a tower, which was a lot of fun to climb up after biking the steep hill. The exertion was worth it, because at the top is a splendid view of the Heilbronn region, and despite the hazy weather, I decided to share a photo of it.

Let me orient you a little bit. Just slightly to the center of the picture you can see a bridge crossing the river. This river is the Neckar (well, a small part of it, the rest is off to the right somewhere). Anyway, a little to the right and a little down is our apartment. It is pretty much blocked by big trees. Also to the right of the bridge, and up is a big white building with a vertical blue stripe. That building with the blue stripe belongs to the company I work for, though the building I work in is not visible due to the building with fine red vertical stripes in front of it. That building houses the grocery store we typically shop at. To the left of the bridge, just past the trees and down a little bit is the Götzentürm, a nice tower with a great sculpture on top of it. If you keep going left, you will seee a big tower with blue scaffold around it. That is the Killianskirche, which has an incredible carved wood altar inside, parts of which date back several hundred years.

OK, so there you have it. Some important places in Heilbronn for you all to see. (If you have trouble finding them, click the picture it will take you to Flickr, where I have marked the places I refer to). Now before you show up at our door, please call first!


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