03 July 2005

A Break From The Heat


Thursday night, Friday and Saturday morning it rained. A lot. With some gusty winds and thunder, too. The result is that Saturday afternoon was cool enough to go outside and not feel like I was about to melt. As Jeannette checked out her new rollerblades, I tried to keep up with her, but stopped to take a couple pictures here and there. Not really much turned out well, with the grey sky and all, except this nice slug. There were several like it, but (s)he (or are slugs asexual?) was the only one that was in focus, so I took a picture of this one.

An interesting note. In German, a snail is a Schnecke (and so are anything that is spiraly, like a pastry or coiled-up sausages), and a slug is a Nacktschnecke, which just means a "naked snail". Which is kind of true, it looks like this slimeball just ran off without his home. Probably popping over to the kiosk around the corner to get beer and smokes, and couldn't bother to bring the ol' shell with him. The change in texture on the back half really adds to that, at least in my mind. All those ridges are where its skin was wrinkled up and squeezed into a cramped shell.


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