10 July 2005


Here is the tower of Kilianskirche, the main church in downtown Heilbronn. Ever since we visited and moved here, it had been covered with scaffolding. The renovation is nearing completion, and the scaffolding gets removed a little bit every day. This was the first day that enough was exposed and the weather was good that I thought it was enough to capture on digital film. I was surprised at how well the gargoyles can be seen, and I like the exterior spiral staircase. Soon we will be able to climb it, which should be fun, too. I am sure the view of the city is nice, as well as getting face-to-face with those gargoyles.

Jeannette and I had a little walkabout through Heilbronn, and what started out as taking pictures of the newly exposed church tower in the not-so-harsh evening light, turned into an adventure where I found lots of picture-worthy things (and several that were not so picture worthy). Anyway, here's what we saw on the walkabout.

"One must always be drunk". This is on the wall of a pub. Nice to have someone famous like Goethe to encourage people to visit your business. Or is that really what Goethe is saying?

I have seen condom machines in bathrooms of bars and truck stops, but never on a street corner under a dentist's sign. Billy Boy. The thrillingly different condom.

I actually saw this sign when we first moved here and had a rental car. We finally walked there tonight. I think a winking demon head is a strange symbol for an Irish pub.

A "don't give Nazis a chance" sticker and a big lever that is marked "main train station feed", which is in the 'on' position.

Kids playing on a street sign. Between cars driving by and the kids eventually jumping off, I couldn't get an angle that I really liked. But this turned out OK, I guess.

I really liked this ivy-covered streetlight with a clock on it. Not sure why the clock is there, however.

A gnome in a box. This particular gnome box is a couple meters off the ground, and nowhere near a garden. In fact, it is very strange, just floating there in a back alley...

A nice fountain that Jeannette described as "the man in the moon". It was located in a secluded park behind a church where young teens would go to drink.


At Wednesday, 27 July, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think gnomes look best when floating in back alleys. :) love all the photos. keep posting!! - shel


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