31 July 2005

We interrupt this program

I know I promised more stuff from Belgium, but between the big huge thunderstorm on friday night, a saturday that seems to have disappeared before I knew what happened and a sunday filled with other fun activites, I'm running late.

Until then, enjoy the couple of things I saw today:
Sun & Clouds
This is actually a photo I took during a moment of temporary insanity, where I pointed the camera towards the sun and snapped away. Actually, I knew there was a cloud there, so I figured I was safe, but I didn't know if my retina would melt or something. Don't try this at home people!

Trappensee Schlößchen
We had heard about this Schlößchen (== mini-castle) at this body of water called the Trappensee at the edge of town and decided to ride our bikes out to it. It didn''t turn out to be the swimmin' hole we had thought it would be, and the mini-castle was a little disappointing as well. But at least I got to try taking pictures in difficult light with different settings. There were lots of crap pictures.

This is my first attempt at photographing a spider web. It isn't the best web, but I figured I should practice & learn now, so when the ultimate spider web comes along, I am ready.

Bee & Flower 10
Man, those bees just get covered in pollen!

Bee & Flower 11
More bees on a flower.

Funny Sign
And finally... If you are going to use a foreign language to form the words and, more importantly, abbreviation for your organization, maybe, just maybe, you should get a native speaker to look at it so you don't embarass yourself or your (probably very high-quality) organization. And, another free hint. You should try to make sure your URL isn't something that will get eliminated by most adult-content web filters out there.


At Thursday, 04 August, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i totally heart that picture of the sun. it is soo cool. - shel


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